About FastAF

FastAF Nutrition was founded on a simple principle: Offer premium sports nutrition products at a fair price. As avid cyclists, trail runners, obstacle course racers and just generally active people, we were simply going through too much expensive product. We were rationing it out, saving it for key workouts, and didn’t really want to share. Which was lame. Looking at the ingredients, we knew we could create a product on par with the best brands out there and be able to sell it for substantially less...if we were smart about it.


FastAF is a Lean Startup in the truest of senses. And the ultimate side hustle. Both Tyler and Evan have full time jobs, families and a LOT of extracurricular activities and interests. That’s why it took us almost two years to launch! But we used that time to test the formula on a lot of athletes, and in a lot of climates. We are beyond stoked with the finished product, and we know you will be, too. And if not, just send it back and we’ll refund your money.

About Tyler

Tyler is the founder of Bikerumor.com, the world's largest cycling tech blog. Which means he gets to (has to?) ride a lot. He also lifts, runs and trains for OCR and Ninja Warrior comps. Prior to Bikerumor, Tyler launched and ran two separate sports/energy drink companies that closed in a sale of the assets to a much larger beverage company. And he swore he’d never do it again. But here we are, a decade later, and he just couldn’t get the idea out of his head. Couple his experience and passion for nutrition with the amazing resources available to entrepreneurs these days, and the opportunity was just too great. Tyler also hosts The Build Cycle podcast about entrepreneurship, so he’s all about startups and growing companies!

About Evan

Evan is far more grounded and pragmatic, but equally enthusiastic. He’s in charge of the backend and making sure the business side of things run smoothly. Evan is a constant tinkerer and always up for a ride with buddies. He also likes to enter races he has no business being in and earning his turns on Pisgah’s rad web of trails. Evan is positive to the point of being annoying and has experience in finance, sales, team development, and management. He’s even operated a trampoline park.

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