Below are some of the most common questions we’ve been getting about FastAF Rapid Hydration. Maybe it’s more than you wanted to know, but we want to be transparent in why we’re doing this, what’s in our product and how we’re selling it. Got a question that’s not answered here? Send us an email or hit us up on Facebook or Twitter and we’ll get back to you fast as...


What is FastAF?

FastAF is a new sports nutrition brand that offers premium products and formulas at reasonable prices. We made this for endurance athletes. For the athletes that pay attention to what goes into their bodies. And for athletes who'd rather spend their time and money training and racing than chasing the latest supplement fads.

We believe in good, clean, effective sports nutrition. And we believe in fair pricing and honest explanations. And we like to go fast.

Fast AF.


What’s FastAF Rapid Hydration?

Our first product is the Hydration drink mix, which uses organic flavors, natural fruit powders, sucrose (aka "sugar"), glucose, and electrolytes, plus a few vitamins. There are no artificial flavors or sweeteners, no fillers, and nothing that’s banned in competition.

Our formula is designed to provide rapid hydration to help prevent cramping and keep you performing at the highest level. How? When properly mixed, the osmolality allows the drink to quickly exit the stomach and get into the intestines, where it’s quickly absorbed, so the fluids, carbs, and electrolytes can get to work fueling your muscles.


Which electrolytes are in FastAF Rapid Hydration?

The main ones are sodium and potassium, plus magnesium and calcium. Chloride comes along for the ride (or run, or whatever), too. Some electrolytes help muscles to contract, while others help the muscles to relax. Both are extremely important for things to function properly when you are cycling (pun intended) between creating force and relaxing thousands of times per hour. The body is an amazing thing, but without the right nutrients, it simply can’t function as designed. FastAF Rapid Hydration provides the right electrolytes in the right quantities to keep everything humming along at full speed, even on the longest, hottest days.


Do I need to mix it exactly as the instructions say?

One thing we’ve never understood is how much science some other drink mixes claim in their development (and it’s good science, we read a lot of it during our own research), then they provide vague mixing instructions that allow for a wide variance in final osmolality. Ours is specific because we know you want to optimize your performance. And you don’t want to waste product by using more than you need, right?

That said, you can mix it a little weaker or stronger if you want, but the absorption rate may decrease if you go too far in either direction. Which is fine for lighter efforts and recovery days. But if you’re going hard or really long and want to avoid any GI distress, following the mixing instructions will provide the best results.


So, how much should I use?

When mixing, use one level scoop per 8oz. If it's a "heaping" scoop, you're using too much. If you really want to geek out, measure exactly 11.5g per 8oz. It's supposed to taste mild because during hard exercise your taste buds become more sensitive, so things will taste stronger and sweeter when you're actually working out.

We list a serving size as 16oz, so two scoops deliver the amounts shown on the label. We figured most people are using at least a 16oz bottle (does anyone even make an 8oz sports bottle?), so we sized our servings accordingly. So, if you're comparing brands, be sure to check the serving size and servings per container, too!


Is FastAF Rapid Hydration safe and legal for use in competition?

Yes, FastAF Rapid Hydration is safe for all ages and athletes. We do not use any ingredients that are banned by any sports governing body.


What the difference between this and other sports hydration beverages?

Compared to RTD (ready to drink) beverages like you’d find in a convenience store cooler that use high fructose corn syrup and artificial colors and flavors, FastAF Rapid Hydration uses real sugar and glucose, natural and organic flavors, and no added colors or preservatives. We also have a more diverse and endurance-specific electrolyte profile that includes magnesium and calcium.

Compared to other premium sports hydration drink mixes popular among cyclists and runners, we have a comparable formula, but cost roughly ⅓ less. Go ahead and compare our ingredients to the others and you’ll find that we have very similar (sometimes better) ingredients. And that was our goal, to offer a premium product that met your expectations as a hard-training endurance athlete but at a lower cost.


How do we offer the same premium level of ingredients at a lower price?

We’re able to offer FastAF Rapid Hydration at a much lower per serving cost mainly because we eliminated two markup channels. We’re only selling DTC (direct to consumer) for now.


Why not use all organic ingredients?

Because it would cost a LOT more. Believe us, we tried. But there’s a reason why you won’t find any of the major brands using all organic flavors, sucrose and dextrose...because we know no one wants to pay $1.50 per serving. And that’s about what it would have been.

That said, there are also some supply chain issues we have to consider. As we grow, our goal is to work more organic ingredients into our formulas.


Where can I buy FastAF Rapid Hydration?

For now, it's only available here on our website. Our business model is built on selling directly to you, the athlete. As we grow, that may change, but only if we can maintain our promise of offering a premium product at a fair price.


Can I order it outside of the USA?

Unfortunately, no. Our labeling and packaging are designed to meet U.S. food packaging laws. Our shipping model is set up to primarily use USPS Priority Mail, too, so even if we could ship outside of the U.S., the shipping costs would be prohibitively expensive.


Can I mix FastAF Rapid Hydration with other sports drinks?

We know there will be times when you realize you’re out of drink mix late on a Friday before a big weekend and you need to run down to your local shop to grab a replacement. Been there, done that. Don’t stress it.

Which is one of the benefits of how we formulated FastAF Rapid Hydration…it’s similar to other premium brands. The main reason our formula is what it is is because it maximizes performance. The side benefit is that it plays well with others, so even if you’ve been training with FastAF, you could sub in one of the other premium products for race day without shocking your system.


What’s up with the name?

To be honest, we looked at a lot of performance sounding names like “Podium” and “Pro Hydration”, but the truth is, they were kinda boring. And, getting any of those trademarks or domain names was pretty much impossible.

But mostly, we wanted to have fun with this. And we want to go fast. So the name just made sense, and it struck a chord. And if we’re being totally honest, who wants to put a “Podium Nutrition” sticker on their bike. No one, right? And we weren’t even going to do stickers. Or T-shirts. Because we’re running this company ultra-lean so we can offer the actual products for a great price. But c’mon, you kinda want a FastAF sticker, right?


Who’s behind this?

Check our About Us page to learn more about Tyler and Evan.

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